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Harold Varner III Dabs All Over the Sony Open in Hawaii

Spinning: Which Golfer Is Most Likely to Dab?
NFL players are doing it, talk show guests are doing it...so who is going to be the first golfer to 'dab?' We've got a few ideas.

Last week, we wondered which PGA Tour pro might be the first to hit the golf world with the dab. It didn't take long for Harold Varner III to respond with a barrage of dabs, filling his social media account with references, pictures, and pro-Panthers urgings. After Cam Newton, who brought dabbing to mainstream sports culture, and the Carolina Panthers beat the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs Sunday, Varner had plenty more to dab about. 

Varner finished T13 after shooting 65 Sunday -- definitely a dab-worthy round -- ending the tournament at 12-under. From Akron, Ohio but an East Carolina alum, the 25-year-old Varner drained a 38-foot putt on the 14th hole Thursday, before pulling out Cam Newton's signature touchdown dance.

He saved the dabbing for Sunday and his playing partner Steve Wheatcroft who seemed amused.

Even Varner's stuffed friend Gerald got in on the action.

Gerald is ready #dabbinginhawaii

A photo posted by Harold Varner III (@hv3_golf) on Jan 13, 2016 at 6:15pm PST


And Varner apparently couldn't let the picturesque Hawaiian sunset go to waste without one final, blissful moment of dabbing goodness.

A photo posted by Harold Varner III (@hv3_golf) on Jan 17, 2016 at 9:37pm PST

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