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Gators Battle on Florida Golf Course

Extra Hazards: Gators Can't Stop Terrorizing Golf Courses
It's hard enough to play golf when thinking about hitting it into a water hazard, but this a next level hazard. Gators have been terrorizing golf courses all month long, and we've got footage of the best ones. 

Another week, another story about gators on the golf course.

Golfers found some extra hazards in the fairway on the fourth hole at Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Fla. on Monday as two alligators climbed out of the water and engaged in an epic battle.

The larger gator, known to locals as Goliath, emerged victorious, though the smaller gator was able to limp away. Last March, Goliath made headlines on Golf.com for devouring a turtle on the same course. At least he's picking on something his own size these days.

Lynn Sarles was on the nearby sixth green and captured a few photos of the brawl. Check them out below.

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