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The Extra Spin Poll: Play A Round with No Driver or No Putter? 

Show-Off Shot: Stinger Off the Tee
When the wind picks up, sometimes driver isn't the answer. GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs shows you how to hit a 3-wood stinger that will cheat the wind and roll for miles.

Here at Extra Spin, we ask the tough questions. The ones that are being asked in 19th holes and golf courses around the world. We've inquired if you would rather have a hole-in-one or a career low round. We've queried if you would rather play golf with Tiger Woods or at Augusta National.

This week we present a new burning question: Would you rather play a round of golf without your driver or your putter? Eighteen holes without a driver would be tough. Distance would be sacrificed, and you might not be comfy taking 3-wood off every tee. But! You use your putter on every hole. You'd typically only be using driver on the par-4s and par-5s. Putting with a wedge is difficult, but it can be done.

Let us know your opinion in the poll below.

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