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Alligator Battles Python on Florida Golf Course

Extra Hazards: Gators Can't Stop Terrorizing Golf Courses
It's hard enough to play golf when thinking about hitting it into a water hazard, but this a next level hazard. Gators have been terrorizing golf courses all month long, and we've got footage of the best ones. 

When nature attacks, pull out your camera.

A golfer snapped a photo of an alligator tangling with a python at course in Florida in November. As far as we can tell, the python is losing this match; the alligator appears to have his jaws securely fastened around the snake.

It may look grisly, but an expert on Florida's python problem told Fox4Now that the alligator was doing community service.

The Classics Country Club at Lely Resort posted the photo to its Facebook page.

The club's Facebook post included the following message:

"Our Member, Pat Aydelott took this great shot while playing Fiddlers Creek down the street from us. Pat - can you get closer next time so the photo isn't so grainy? Thank you! :-) Caption this!"


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