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Stories of 2017: President Trump steals the spotlight at U.S. Women's Open
Donald Trump became the first sitting President to attend a U.S. Women's Open, and the first one to own the course hosting a major championship. 
Thursday, January 04, 2018

In the Oval Office, Donald Trump plays the leader of the free world. On the course, he's the prime minister of blah. White and beige aren't bigly, Mr. President. Our advice: Make color great again. And spare us the tweets — these Mar-a-Largo-ready ensembles shine on both sides of the aisle. It's time for a new Don!


Gary Locke

NAFTA concerns aside, make a trade: chinos for charcoal. Gray trousers pair with everything, and that's not fake news. Your best bet up top? The bolder hues that run rampant on Tour. Show up in this combo and we'll believe you shot 73. 
STYLE: Stretch Lisle Tonal Stripe Self Collar ($72), Athletic Fit pants, ($88). Footjoy.com


Gary Locke

Your approval rating among millennials has hit a wall, even as you build one. Kids these days, right? Curry favor with more youthful threads: two-toned tops or those with bold stripes. They're so cool you can keep your khakis. That's a back-channel deal we can live with. 
STYLE: Rudds polo ($85), Trifecta pants ($125). Travismathew.com


Gary Locke

You rocked the vote two Novembers ago. This number rocks the volts. It's bold and careless — but in a good way. It practically tweets itself! Better yet, no executive order required (we assume you have security clearance to John Daly's closet). 
STYLE: Golf Wicking Poly-Pique polo ($55), Toucan pants ($99). Loudmouthgolf.com

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