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The real Donald Trump is revealed through his golf game
A lot can be learned about President Donald Trump and the way he conducts business through his golf game. Sports Illustrated went deep to profile the president and his many golf ties.
By Sean Zak
Monday, October 16, 2017

President Trump’s recent string of golf success continued Sunday as ’45’ took down Kentucky senator Rand Paul in a match at Trump National in Virginia.

Less than one week after Trump played with senator Lindsey Graham, and allegedly shot 73, Trump won his match against Paul.

"The president never loses, didn’t you know?" Paul said afterward, according to CNN. "The president and his partner beat myself and my partner by three holes." Below is a photo of the two Paul posted to Twitter.


Golf remains an important aspect of Trump’s life, even while in office. Then again, if you never lose, as Paul says, why wouldn’t it be?

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