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Justin Thomas has not drank from the Wanamaker Trophy...yet
The PGA Championship winner talks about his time so far with the best trophy in golf and his mental approach to upcoming tournaments
By Kevin Cunningham
Thursday, September 14, 2017

The off-week in between the second and third legs of the FedEx Cup Playoffs is supposed to give PGA Tour players like Justin Thomas some time to relax, recover and prepare for the final two events. But Hurricane Irma ruined those plans.

Wednesday at the BMW Championship, Thomas confirmed that he left his home in Jupiter, Fla. last Thursday, in accordance with a mandatory evacuation order, to escape the path of Irma. Before leaving, the PGA champ had to prepare his property for the storm: "I had to take TV from the outside, all my furniture from outside inside. Make sure all the cars were good and take pictures of everything in case if anything moved or stuff broke or anything."

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Tiger Woods, fellow pros congratulate Justin Thomas on his PGA win

But when it came to the safety of his valuables, including the Wanamker trophy he received for winning the PGA in August, he had to rely on a friendly neighbor: Rickie Fowler.

"I had some valuables that I actually just took to Rickie's house down the street because he has a safe that's kind of -- that's built in the ground and is a little more sturdy than I may have and took the Wanamaker, took some watches and some other valuables and put them in there because I figured at least I have those if everything goes."

"Hey, would you mind looking after my little silver friend here for the weekend?"

"Hey, would you mind looking after my little silver friend here for the weekend?"
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Fortunately for Thomas, Fowler and a handful of other pros who live there, the Jupiter area was spared the worst of the hurricane, so Justin's house, Rickie's house and, most importantly, Rickie's safe are all fine. Now Fowler just needs to get a major trophy of his own to live in his safe permanently.

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