When you can hit it 290 yards with a lefty driver OR a righty driver, all there's left to do is smile.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

All right-handed golf fans watching at home beware: even if Bubba had to borrow your clubs, he’d still probably beat you.

At Wednesday’s Northern Trust Open Pro-Am, Bubba grabbed his amateur partner’s right-handed driver and flipped it upside down for one tee shot.

"Don’t nobody try this at home," Bubba said standing over the ball, "but I am a professional."

Trackman told the rest of the story; the walloping drive carried 276 yards and traveled 291 in total. The results spoke for themselves, but Bubba rarely misses an opportunity to get the last word in:

"You might wanna take that one," he said to the his partner.

"I’m gonna play that one," the amateur agreed.

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