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Tiger Woods checks into inpatient treatment facility
Monday, June 26, 2017

The mugshot from Tiger Woods's arrest became internationally popular in the days that followed, but in Australia, it has been given new life.

Melbourne artist Lushsux recently painted Woods's mugshot on a brick wall in his hometown. The Instagram post of the painting (which you can find below) made its way around the Internet last week, but without anything more than a caption, the reason behind the mural was unknown…until we asked the artist.

"The mugshot was getting around virally to the point 80% of my Instagram explore feed was Tiger Woods related memes," Lushsux said. "[It] made sense to put it on a wall, well to me at least."

3000 comments and ill give @tigerwoods the @kathygriffin hairdo

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Wall murals are Lushsux's specialty, as you could tell from his Instagram account.

"It took a few hours to paint in between eating free pizza from the pizza shop it is painted on," he said. 

The caption paired with the Instagram post reads "3,000 comments and ill give @tigerwoods the @kathygriffin hairdo." As of Monday morning, the post had more than 3,100 comments, so stay tuned for the Kathy Griffin update.

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