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Hungry gator eats golfer's ball on Florida course
Two golfers were having a friendly round until they got to the 3rd hole of the Long Marsh course at Rotonda Golf & Country Club in Rotonda West, Fla., when they came across a hungry gator.
Sunday, April 30, 2017

One golfer had to wait for a gator and a pair of cranes to play through during a recent round.

Bill Pruitt sent the below video to FOX 13 in Tampa Bay that shows a gator — between 8- and 10-feet long — following two sandhill cranes at ChampionsGate Golf Resort in Orlando, Fla.

Pruitt told FOX 13 he was about to chip onto the green when he noticed the cranes, with the gator close behind. Was the gator simply strolling along or stalking prey? Check out the video below. We're not sure how this one ended, but let's hope the cranes are safe and sound.


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