Tim Venturi had his golf cart stolen directly from his driveway.
Friday, March 03, 2017

The son of a golf legend had his $17,000 golf cart stolen from his driveway, then found it the next day at an impound lot.

Tim Venturi, son of 1964 U.S. Open champ Ken Venturi, had his luxury golf cart stolen from his driveway at Indian Wells Country Club in Southern California. Venturi works at Cart Mart Inc. that specializes in high-end golf carts, but this one was his personal cart. According to kesq.com, the golf cart was posted to Craigslist twice and had three different owners over the course of one week.

The story has a (somewhat) happy ending. On Wednesday, police booked 28-year-old Justin Schultz on suspicion of vehicle theft, operating a chop shop, possession of stolen property and possession of methamphetamine.

"Investigators determined Schultz was operating a chop shop out of the residence and found various golf cart parts packaged for resale,'' sheriff Sergeant Sean Brown said. Also on the premises was another recently stolen golf cart valued at $15,000.

Venturi told kesq.com that he picked up the golf cart for $750 at an impound lot in Apple Valley, almost two hours away from his home country club where it first was stolen. 

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