ClubTest 2014: Yonex EZONE XP Hybrids

Photo: Snap36

Yonex EZONE XP Hybrids

Yonex EZONE XP Hybrids
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $200
3 (19°) and 4 (22°) with EX300 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Extra mass in the head boosts momentum, while a counterbalance in the grip maintains a traditional swing weight. The hosel lets you tweak face angle (3° closed to 3° open), lie angle (standard to 3° up) and trajectory.

The ball gets up quickly and just keeps soaring; testers note that the club carries lots of momentum through thick lies; the eight-setting adjustable hosel is a nice touch, once testers figure it out.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: The EZONE XP sends most shots straight; minimal unwanted sidespin and healthy forgiveness means poor swings turn out okay; most decently struck shots land steeply and softly.
DISTANCE: These are plenty long by most standards; the boost in trajectory and spin helps slower swingers eke out a few extra yards.
FEEL: Soft sensation at impact; this counterbalanced design is comfortably weighted, with a confident kick into the ball; delivers a smooth response in almost all playing conditions.
LOOK: A unique two-tone color scheme; fans praise the orange/black combination for its aggressive, modern styling; larger clubhead size is comforting to some guys.

Very polarizing aesthetics— some testers find the large, loud look gaudy; difficult to shape shots—not a club that’s built for creativity; adjustable hosel isn’t the most intuitive by today’s standards.

BOTTOM LINE: The EZONE XP is a true game-improvement hybrid, best for mid- to high-handicappers and slower swingers looking to do more with less by adding carry and height to their game.

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