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ClubTest 2014: Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3 Putter

Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3 Putter
Michael Chini
Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3 Putter

Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3
Category: High-MOI Mallet Putters
Price: $150
35”, 35” shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The “I-Lock” visual alignment aid lets players know when their eyes are over the ball.

Consistent distance and speed off the face, with an instant, end-over-end roll that’s easy to command; forgiving enough for most guys—little difference in roll or range based on where you catch it; well suited for slick greens and downhill putts.
FEEL: Lighter head is a plus for those who don’t like swinging a mammoth putter; thicker-than-nomal grip minimizes the hands’ involvement; acceptable impact feel— muted but fairly consistent from heel to toe.
LOOK: For many testers, the “I-Lock” visual alignment aid makes it easy to get their eyes over the ball while setting the hands in position to facilitate a square stroke; long track on top to get things aimed the right way; the head keeps a somewhat compact look despite its gadgetry.

The “I-Lock” can be confusing and gives a few testers too much to think about over the ball; detractors say impact feel ranges from bland to numb to plain dead; lag putts can be a challenge because of the light head and minimal feedback.

BOTTOM LINE: Part putter, part training aid, the Vizor provides a useful mechanical check for guys who haven’t grooved a consistent setup.

BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3 Putter
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