Wilson Staff Infinite Lincoln Park Putter
Courtesy of Wilson Staff
Tuesday, May 17, 2016


CATEGORY: Midsize Mallet Putters
PRICE: $100
WE TESTED: 35" length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The milled steel face provides a consistent roll.


DISTANCE CONTROL: Easy to figure out -- excellent balance and weighting lead to strong, consistent performance on long breaking putts.
FEEL: Heavy head encourages a smooth motion through the ball; in a world full of face inserts, this model has a milled steel face that creates a metallic "ting" on center strikes; misses make a higher-pitched, tinny click.
LOOK: Smaller, simple black head is close to a blade, with an attractive pattern on the face; contrasting black and white sight lines on the flange and top of the head frame the ball nicely.


Too bladelike for some; not the best choice for players who prefer a quiet feel at impact; a few guys find it lacks the forgiveness of the top models.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't be fooled by its smallish design. The heavy head and oversize grip enhance stroke stability while keeping the hands and wrists in check on midand short-range putts. With lots of feedback and prominent alignment aids, there's plenty to like -- including the cost, which is priced to move.


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