Wilson Staff D-100 Irons

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Wilson D-100 Irons

From GOLF Magazine (October, 2012)
Lightweight clubs continue to gain in popularity as more players, even PGA Tour pros, recognize their unmistakable value. The design philosophy is a simple one: Build sticks to help golfers generate higher clubhead speeds and faster ball speeds while delivering a pleasing sound and feel. Wilson’s Staff D-100 irons (10 to 15 grams lighter overall than the Di11 irons they replace) seem to fit the bill.

The one-piece, cast, stainless steel heads are built to hit it long. Wilson’s thinnest-face irons (up to 7 percent thinner than Di11) have a larger unsupported face area, which creates more of a “trampoline” effect. Making the face thinner and lighter also leads to increased MOI, higher launch and more optimal spin properties. The Staff D-100 has a bigger cavity, with a 50-gram ring, or “exoskeleton,” positioned lower and more toward the heel and toe to boost forgiveness (12 percent higher MOI than Di11).

The Staff D-100 signals a departure of sorts in terms of shafts. Standard options include a 65-gram graphite and an 85-gram steel shaft. In addition, the company’s proprietary Half & Half shaft can be custom ordered. However, the irons won’t be offered with fat shaft (wide-tip) technology. Why? Using standard-tip shafts makes it easier to do custom fittings. Second, Wilson officials believe that the Staff D-100 is more forgiving than previous models that featured wide-tip shafts.

$599, steel; $699

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