"I always mark my ball with a penny. It reminds me to be aggressive: one cent, one putt. A penny gives me that mental edge to put it in the back of the hole." — Justin Timberlake
Todd Bigelow
By Connell Barrett
Friday, June 11, 2010

Driver: Callaway Diablo Edge Tour
9.5°, Aldila NV 75 graphite shaft, X-flex, 45' length, 290 yards

JUSTIN SAYS: "Which club do I throw the farthest? This driver head has seen a lot of ... [Thump! He whacks the head on the turf and laughs]. That's the momentary internal expletive when I miss a drive. But I let it go before the next shot."

3-wood: Callaway Diablo Edge Tour
15°, Aldila VooDoo XVS7 graphite shaft, X-flex, 43' length, 250 yards

Hybrid: Callaway Diablo Edge 3H
21°, Aldila VooDoo XVS8 Hybrid graphite shaft, X-flex, 225 yards

JUSTIN SAYS: "I don't keep a 3-iron or 5-wood because my hybrid serves as both. I hit it high or low. And man, it just goes! It's my clutch club off the tee."

Irons: Callaway Diablo Forged (4-PW)
Rifle Project X Flighted 6. steel shaft
$1,000/steel for eight

WEDGES: Callaway X Series Jaws
52°, 115 yards; 56°, 105 yards; 60°, 85 yards
Rifle Project X Flighted 6.5 steel shaft
$120 each

JUSTIN SAYS: "I hit the ball high, and I love hitting knockdowns and playing by feel inside 120 yards. From 115 yards out, I might choke down on my wedge and spin the ball more. Depends on the situation and my feel."

Putter: Odyssey Tour Milled Prototype #2
35 inches

Ball: Callaway Tour i(z)
JUSTIN SAYS: "I'm a Memphis boy, and I always mark my ball with blue ink, for the Memphis Tigers, filling up the logo like this. I have a Memphis Tiger headcover, too."

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