Tour Edge Exotics CB5 Fairway Wood
Monday, April 01, 2013

Tour Edge Exotics CB5 Fairway Woods
Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $299
3 (15°), 4 (16.5°) with Aldila RIP 70 Sigma; 3 (15°), 4 (16.5°) with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Tour graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The combination of a heavier steel body and lightweight face shift mass rearward for a deeper, higher center of gravity and more penetrating launch angles. A beta titanium face with multiple thicknesses increases ball speeds and decreases spin.

Fairly easy to groove a repeating shot with a medium-low trajectory; testers can adjust shot shape and ball flight from the fairway.
DISTANCE: It launches the ball past a lot of models; the face shoots the ball out like a bullet; a few guys say it could replace a driver on some days.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Good strikes are rewarded with laserlike shots; miss it off the tee and you still get ample yardage; dispersion is pretty tight as long as you make a good pass.
FEEL: The clubhead seems very stable at impact with little twisting; tons of positive feedback when you hit it well; heavyish head is substantial and launches through the ball.
LOOK: Classic shape and appealing black color; white scoring lines help with aim; compact head makes you expect plenty of performance.

Not the most forgiving directionally if you don't hit it right; doesn't provide lots of green-holding ability.

BOTTOM LINE: Like most Exotics fairway woods, this model excels at providing distance. It has a rich, pleasing look at address, too.

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