ClubTest 2013: Titleist 913H Hybrid

Photo: Snap36

Titleist 913H Hybrid

Titleist 913H Hybrid
Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $229
19° (+1.5°/-.75°), 21° (+1.5°/-.75°) with Mitsubishi Bassara W 60 graphite shaft; 19°, 21° with Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue 82 shaft; 19°, 21° with Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 92 shaft.
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The 913H is engineered to produce faster ball speeds, a higher launch and less spin than 910H. Its "SureFit" hosel allows for independent loft and lie adjustments. The 913H has a slightly smaller head and deeper face than 910H.

Superb versatility -- a club for all occasions; produces a midto- low trajectory that's easy to shape; can handle any lie; adjustable hosel allows testers to dial in their ideal ball flight.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Very accurate hybrids; adjustability can mask a lot of ball-flight deficiencies; enough help to cover some mistakes, but don't expect miracles on mis-hits.
DISTANCE: Consistent, predictable carry; the 913H delivers above-average overall length, with more roll than many other hybrids.
FEEL: Satisfying audible "thwack" at impact -- closer to a fairway wood feel; heavier head plows through the turf and really compresses the ball.
LOOK: Prettiest club in its class -- aggressive, allbusiness head with minimal offset; sleek black finish dares you to go for the green.

More forgiving than previous Titleists, but still best for precise ballstrikers -- won't save all of your misses; launches lower than some testers prefer; a few guys struggle with the squarer leading edge in bunkers and bad lies.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top performers. Dependable and versatile -- everything a player needs -- in a beautiful package.

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