ClubTest 2014: Titleist 913F Fairway Woods

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Titleist 913F Fairway Woods

Titleist 913F Fairway Woods
Category: Game-Improvement Fairway Woods
Price: $250
15° (adjusts 14.25° to 16.5°) and 19° (18.25° to 20.5°) with Diamana S+ Blue 62 graphite shaft, 15° and 19° with Diamana D+ White 72 shaft, and 15° and 19° with Diamana D+ White 82 shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A removable plug fine-tunes the overall head weight to match player preferences. Trajectory and shot shape can be tweaked with the “SureFit Tour” hosel.

Top notch; right, left, up or down—Titleist lets you pull off any shot shape in style; nimble head gracefully deals with challenging lies.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Steady swings yield precise results; with the right shaft and tuning, it’s very straight; misses come more often from poor contact than unwanted sidespin.
DISTANCE: The 913F offers good length, in line with most testers’ expectations on center strikes.
FEEL: The 913F delivers top-dollar response; guys love its muted, muscular smack at impact; several shaft options let testers find the best setup and feel for their particular swing.
LOOK: Prettiest club in the category; classic low-profile head looks just right; testers would be proud to put it in their bags.

Not enough forgiveness for a few testers—close to a better-player model; costs you noticeable yardage when you miss the sweet spot; a few guys think it’s not much easier to hit than the lower-spin, better player F.d model.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the higher-ranking performers. What testers expect from Titleist—an elegant, if exacting, fairway wood, maneuverable enough to add fresh ammo to a player’s long-game arsenal.

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