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ClubTest 2014: TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter

TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter
Michael Chini
TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter

TaylorMade Spider Mallet
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $200
35”, 38” shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A 130-gram grip counterbalances the heavier than standard head for added stability.

Testers like the fact that they can fit themselves to different shaft lengths using the extra-long grip; a powerful, heavy putter that propels the ball off the face; deadly on short putts thanks to the weight and the counterbalanced grip; mis-hits stay on line.
FEEL: Solid and stable on misses; head weight powers through the ball, making short putts difficult to mis-hit; vibration-dampening face insert produces a light, metallic click on center hits and a pleasant, if muted, feel on misses; the extra-long red grip has a soft, tacky feel.
LOOK: Compact half-moon head has a contrasting, black and white color scheme with plenty of visual aids to boost confidence.

While the overall weight is heavy, the head itself feels light to some testers, making practice necessary to develop distance control and a sense of feel on longer putts; long grip and array of alignment graphics don’t work for everyone.

BOTTOM LINE: The counterbalance quiets the hands and helps you find a smooth pendulum stroke that’s lights out from inside 10 feet but takes time to figure out from long range. Best for players who struggle with short putts.

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