Adding six spikes to the sole of the classic Adidas Samba makes the iconic shoe course-ready.
Adidas Golf
By Woody Hochswender
Thursday, November 10, 2011

The golf world is not immune to the vintage movement in fashion. This is especially true of the giant sportswear companies, which assiduously mine their archives for styles that will be valid today.
Case in point, after selling 35 million pairs of iconic Adidas Samba athletic shoes—those ubiquitous three-stripe leather sneakers with tan gumsoles worn by everyone from serious soccer players to undergraduates around the world—the company is set to release a version for golfers.
The original Samba debuted in 1950 and was designed for soccer players who trained on icy ground. It eventually became one of the bestselling and most recognizable sports shoes ever made. The golf version keeps the same silhouette and three-stripe look, but is equipped with six golf spikes and Adidas' Thintech, low-to-the-ground technology. The synthetic leathers are water resistant and will be available in four colors (black with white stripes; white with black; blue with white; and red with white), beginning in March 2012. They will run about $100.
But this is not an isolated phenomenon. Nike Golf is in the process of reintroducing its famous sneaker "The Dunk," a 26-year-old basketball design, for golf. Nike has taken the original shoe—a chunky, well-supported leather half boot—and added a waterproof membrane and golf spikes.
"We had Anthony Kim and Michelle Wie both ask if they could get The Dunk for golf," explained Lee Walker, Nike’s product director for footwear and equipment. They got their wish and are wearing them around already.
For the rest of us, the golf version of The Dunk will go on sale in January for $129. 

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