ClubTest 2014: SeeMore SB1 Putter

Photo: Michael Chini

SeeMore SB1 Putter

SeeMore SB1
Category: High-MOI Mallet Putters
Price: $275
37” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Milled aluminum head has three removable steel plugs to vary weight between 335 grams and 360 grams.

Surprisingly natural— most guys adapt quickly and report excellent results; little loss of speed or direction on faulty contact; counterbalance works much better from long range than a lot of testers expect.
FEEL: One of the higher-rated models; extra length and weighted grip promote a silky stroke; clean, compressed sensation akin to a forged iron; launches putts with purpose and pop; head doesn’t waiver through the stroke and provides an instructive bit of feedback on misses.
LOOK: Large clubhead looks substantial behind the ball, while the long single sight line is comforting; SeeMore’s simple alignment check promotes consistent setup and aim.

Some don’t care for the alignment indicator, and it doesn’t work with a forward press; a few panelists have trouble transitioning to the added length; handsy testers tend to struggle with distance and don’t care for the balance.

BOTTOM LINE: With top-shelf feel and surprisingly good performance on long putts, this counterbalanced mallet can fit a range of styles, making it a solid choice to replace your banned belly putter.

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