Scor4161 Wedges

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Scor4161 Wedges

From Golf Magazine (October, 2012)
The clubheads are cast from 8620-carbon steel and put through a forging process to enhance feel. According to company president Terry Koehler, the center of gravity (CG) location is higher than in competitors’ clubs, which aids ball flight and distance control. Scor4161 heads come in 21 lofts from 41° to 61°, with a 30-day performance guarantee. As lofts increase, the CG gets slightly lower with less heel-toe weighting (41° has the highest CG; 61° the lowest). The firm’s fitting system includes choice of three shafts—120-gram steel, 75- or 95-gram graphite—for desired flight and feel.
$149, steel; $164, graphite

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