Complete List of Putter Reviews

(See index of all Adams Clubs)

2010: Adams a7 Select

2013: Bettinardi Signature Series Model 5
2013: Bettinardi Signature Series Model 6
2013: Bettinardi BB54
2012: Bettinardi Signature Model 3

Bobby Grace
2013: Bobby Grace AMG Fat Lady

2013: Boccieri Heavy Lite-Weight D3-L

(See index of all Cleveland Clubs)

2013: Cleveland Classic Collection HB 1
2013: Cleveland Classic Collection HB 10
2012: Cleveland Classic Black Platinum 5.5
2011: Cleveland Classic #6
2010: Cleveland Classic Blade 4

Never Compromise
2012: Never Compromise Sub30 Putters
2011: Never Compromise Gambler Royal Putter
2010: Never Compromise X-Ray Putters

(See index of all Nike Clubs)

2013: Nike Method Core Weighted #1 Putter
2013: Nike Method Core Weighted #11 Putter
2013: Nike Method Core Drone 2.0 Putter
2012: Nike Method Putters
2012: Nike Method Core Concept Putter
2012: Nike Method Core Drone Putter
2011: Nike Method Core Putters
2011: Nike Everclear E33 Putter
2010: Nike Method Putters

2013: ClubTest 2013: Odyssey Versa #1 Putter
2013: Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line Putter
2013: Odyssey Versa #7 Putter
2013: Odyssey Versa 90 2-Ball Putter
2012: Odyssey ProType Tour Series #2 Putter
2012: Odyssey Flip Face Putters
2012: Odyssey Metal-X #7 Putter
2011: Odyssey Black Series Putters
2011: Odyssey White Ice Putters

(See index of all Ping Clubs)

2013: Ping Scottsdale TR Tatum Putter
2013: Ping Scottsdale TR Grayhawk Putter
2012: Ping Anser Putters
2012: Ping Scottsdale Putters
2012: Ping Scottsdale Mystique
2011: Ping Scottsdale Putters
2011: Ping Scottsdale Wolverine
2011: Ping Scottsdale Half-Pipe
2010: Ping iN Putters
2010: Ping iN Series B60 V2
2010: Ping iN Series Anser V2

2013: SeeMore FGP Black Putter
2013: SeeMore Big FGP Putter
2013: SeeMore Si5 Nickel Putter
2012: SeeMore mSeries ONEcs, m5x CS Putters
2011: SeeMore Si4 Black
2011: SeeMore DB4x CS Gunmetal
2011: SeeMore SB2 Black

2013: STX XForm3 Putter
2012: STX Sync 6 Putter

(See index of all TaylorMade Clubs)

2013: TaylorMade Ghost Spider S Putter
2012: TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter
2012: TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putters
2010: TaylorMade Daytona 6
2010: TaylorMade Rossa Monte Carlo
2010: TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider Balero

(See index of all Titleist Clubs)

2013: Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 1.5 Putter
2013: Titleist Scotty Cameron Select GoLo 5 Putter
2012: 2012 Scotty Cameron Select Putters
2012: Titleist Cameron California Putters
2011: Titleist Studio Select Putters
2010: Titleist Scotty Cameron California Series Putters

Tour Edge
(See index of all Tour Edge Clubs)

2012: Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ OS-6 Putter
2011: Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ OS-3

(See index of all Wilson Clubs)

2011: Wilson Staff Vizor Putter
2010: Wilson Staff 88 Series Putters


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