Schecter Lee
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From Golf Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)
It's for: All skill levels

Marty Jertson, senior design engineer: "We applied the results of a rigorous R&D project where we studied the effects of loft and CG location on trajectory. In our final design, we've increased loft for each wood by 2 degrees over the previous Rapture, and added a 4-wood."

How it works: The stainless steel head has a 61-gram tungsten plate (gray outline) that accounts for one-third of the club's total weight. This piece helps to shift mass lower and more rearward. Company testing reveals that shots launch 11 percent higher with 9 percent less spin than the original Rapture. The large, shallow face further contributes to higher trajectory. A machined face is plasma-welded to the steel body to increase ball speed (and distance) on off-center hits. The clubhead is 26 percent smaller than the original Rapture yet 17 percent larger than in the G10. Comes in 3 (16°), 4 (17.5°), 5 (19°) and 7 (22°).

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