Ping i25 Irons
Michael Chini
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ping i25 Irons
Category: Better-Player Irons
Price: $799, steel; $999, graphite
4-SW with Ping CFS steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Stabilizing bars behind the face get wider as lofts go up, which increases launch in long irons and lowers it in scoring clubs. The blades get longer and more offset as loft decreases.

Some testers have no problem working the ball, while others default to high, straight and predictable; the wide sole tears through tall grass and glides out of bunkers.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Difficult to miss -- maybe the most forgiving iron in the category; it finds a way to get your ball to the target, minimizing unwanted sidespin and squeezing extra yards out of squirrelly contact.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Full swings give average distances; high, floaty trajectory carries a long way and stops quickly; outstanding forgiveness gives mis-hits almost a full measure; consistent distance overall.
FEEL: Light yet stable, to most testers a nicely balanced club with a powerful impact sensation; the head feels firmer than the truer blades in its class, but the ball erupts off the face.
LOOK: Midsize head is bigger and bolder than your typical better-player iron, which some find reassuring over the ball; hides its technology well.

Some testers see it more as a game-improvement iron -- too much bulk and too little playfulness; many guys want more responsiveness at impact; devotees don’t report much improvement over i20.

BOTTOM LINE: High marks for ease of use and accuracy make it a good intro to better-player irons. Blade enthusiasts might look elsewhere.

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