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On the Range: Ping G30 Fairway Woods
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ping G30 Fairway Woods

Category: Game-Improvement Fairway Woods
Price: $250
3 (adjusts 13.5° to 15.5°), 5 (adjusts 17° to 19°), 7 (adjusts 20° to 22°) with TFC 419F graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The G30’s Carpenter steel face flexes more than the G25 face for livelier contact.


PLAYABILITY: A high degree of workability—testers hit fades or draws off the tee and produce a consistent, penetrating, medium-high trajectory; shots launch easily from tight lies, rough and hardpan; the 7-wood is especially versatile from trouble—it even works on greenside shots.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Pretty high marks; shots hit near the heel and toe won’t kill you; it reduces sidespin so mis-hits hold the line.
DISTANCE: As long or marginally longer than the rest of its class; slight yardage loss on mis-hits but it’s so consistent that players know what to expect.
FEEL: Light overall, although it’s well-balanced and easy to track through the swing; very stable and comfortable on center and off-center hits; impact imparts a Goldilocks feel—not too hard, not too soft, but just right, with a “ping” that sends the ball flying.
LOOK: The innovative alignment system stands out on this medium-size, glare-resistant head—raised fins called “turbulators” point toward the impact zone and combine with white grooves on the face to help the setup.

Ping G30 Fairway Wood
Michael Chini


Some guys prefer a higher ball flight; works better with smooth tempos than super-aggressive swings; alignment aid system and “turbulator” design aren’t for everyone.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the top-rated models in the test. The G30 boasts a stellar combination of maneuverability, distance, feel and accuracy. Almost anyone would benefit from them.

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NEXT REVIEW: TaylorMade AeroBurner Fairway Woods

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