Nike VR_S Covert Hybrid
Monday, April 01, 2013

Nike VR_S Covert Hybrid
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $179
3 (20°) with Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 70 graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The cavity-back design distributes more weight to the perimeter of the club for added forgiveness and distance on off-center contact. “NexCOR” technology extends the sweet spot area to the bottom half of the face.

Repeatable mid-high trajectory on solid shots; ball gets up fast and stays high in the air for a long time; penetrating flight is perfect for windy days.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Significant perimeter weighting corrects a variety of misses and virtually eliminates sidespin, which keeps the ball tracking on a straight line; the Covert provides more help directionally than it does with distance.
DISTANCE: Well-hit shots are on par carry-wise with testers' own clubs, although nothing exceptional; the 20° is a more than adequate replacement for your 3-iron.
FEEL: The Covert delivers a powerful, compressed sensation -- a soft, muted thud on center hits with just enough vibration on off-center hits to provide useful feedback.
LOOK: Appearance-wise, this hybrid stands out from all the rest; sharp, metallic red color with a big Nike swoosh logo near the hosel; an exposed center cavity on the sole.

The club is very good at producing high, straight shots but it's not quite as impressive in terms of shaping shots; some testers find they lose too much distance on misses.

BOTTOM LINE: A definite upgrade over previous Nike hybrids. The club's on-course performance is right up there with some of the top hybrids.

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