Nike Method MOD 90 Putter
Michael Chini
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nike Method MOD 90
Category: Blade Putters
Price: $300
34”, 35” shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: This heel-toe weighted blade has a milled face and 90-degree toe hang.

Among the better offerings for controlling distance; just enough jump off the clubface to get putts to the hole with ease; grooves get the ball rolling right away and true.
FEEL: Solid, responsive feel with a deep resonance on good putts, very stable through the impact zone with no over-rotation; fosters a rhythmic stroke—the head just flows through impact; feels great, some guys rave about the smooth, consistent roll off the face.
LOOK: Unique styling—very thin, long blade with a gently arced sole and topline; new age Bulls Eye, a rare center-shafted blade, stands out in a sea of Anser-style heads; distinctive milled face with black grooves on the sweet spot.

Several testers are turned off by the look— the club features an unusual curved blade with red inserts in the heel and toe and seems to set up with the toe up; not stable enough for a few guys on slight misses; the heavyish weight and odd shape can make it high maintenance.

BOTTOM LINE: Among the higher-ranked models. The Method Mod 90 is one of the most distinguishable putters tested—very strong performance, but the look is hit or miss.

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