New Odyssey Toe Up Putters

Gear Factor: Odyssey Toe Up Putters
Odyssey Golf's Chief Designer Austie Rollinson discusses the company's new Toe Up putters. The club has "stroke balance" and redistributed weight to make putting more consistent. Phil Mickelson is a recent convert.

The new Toe Up ($199.99) putters from Odyssey are designed with Stroke Balanced technology that minimizes twisting during the stroke.

Called "Toe Up" because of the overall balance of the putter head (when you rest it on your finger the toe is up), the Toe Up models have more weight positioned closer to the face than typical putters. This design feature aligns the CG with the center of the clubface, promoting greater consistency by making it easier to square the clubface every time.

Added features of the Toe Up putters include Odyssey's perfectly flat Metal-X face that's chemically etched to produce a smoother roll, a hi-def alignment aid taken from the Marxman family, and a Superstroke Flatso 1.0 grip with counter core weighting technology.


Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter; Odyssey Toe Up #9 Putter

Superstroke's counter core grips come standard with a 50g back-weight that helps take the small muscles out of the stroke. The weight is removable and can be replaced with different weights (sold separately) to fine-tune feel to personal preference.


View at address: Odyssey Toe Up #1 Putter, Odyssey Toe Up #9 Putter

Odyssey Toe Up putters will be available at retail on April 15th.

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