The new Callaway ball.
Greg Lord
By Rob Sauerhaft
Thursday, April 17, 2008

Callaway "seeded" the Tour early this year with prototype versions of its latest premium performance ball. Now the company's HX Tour 56 is ready to sit on your peg this Saturday. (The current HX Tour remains in the line.) You'll notice the primary differences between the duo in your short game. A softer, thinner urethane cover helps the HX Tour 56 spin 200 rpm more on half-wedge shots. That's 3 percent faster and means more check. The HX Tour 56 also boasts improved aerodynamics due, in part, to six extra-deep hexagonal dimples that help to balance lift and drag. Callaway expects you to be hearing buzz in the grillroom that the HX Tour 56 is up there with market kingpin Titleist Pro V1, and, likewise, the HX Tour and Pro V1x.

$50 (dozen); 800-588-9836 or

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