Schecter Lee
Monday, January 04, 2010

From 2009 Golf Magazine Buyer's Guide:
It's for: Better players

David Llewellyn, club R&D manager: "MP-62 is designed to be the ultimate 'Tour ready' club. Its narrow cambered sole, minimal offset and thin topline are ideal for the demanding player. Plus, 'dual muscle' technology and a shallow cavity provide the perfect blend of feel and playability."

How it works: This forged carbon-steel head has a slender cavity and two rear muscle pads. The outer pad (for center-of-gravity placement) expands the effective hitting area and enhances playability. An inner muscle pad isolates mass behind the impact area for precise feedback. The sole has a rolled leading edge, cambered midsole and rolled trailing edge. The only thing stopping you is your imagination—and, of course, ability.

$899 to $999, steel

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