Schecter Lee
Monday, January 04, 2010

From 2009 Golf Magazine Buyer's Guide:
It's for: Low- and mid-handicappers

Chris Voshall, club engineer: "We set out to offer a lower, deeper center of gravity (CG) plus extra forgiveness that even the best players can use without sacrificing the traditional look and unmistakable feel that MP players demand. Mission accomplished—this iron sacrifices nothing."

How it works: This is Mizuno's most forgiving MP iron due to the largest sweet-spot area across the face, highest moment of inertia and lowest, deepest CG. Forged 1025E carbon steel heads have a CNC-milled pocket cavity, in the 3- to 7-irons, to relocate 14 grams lower and more rearward along the external "muscle." This should improve launch conditions on minor mis-hits. Short irons (8-iron to PW) do not have a milled pocket cavity or undercut channel. The center section behind the face is untouched, to maintain thickness for solid feel.

$899 to $999, steel

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