Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons
Category: Game-Improvement Irons
Price: $899 steel
4-GW with True Temper XP105 steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The undercut in long and mid-irons contributes to a larger, more lively hitting area. Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.) enhances both feel and sound.

The JPX-EZ Forged offers controlled workability from fairway lies and good touch around the greens; testers find that its high ball flight can be altered with ease; the club’s leading edge passes through rough and trouble lies all day long.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Shots generally go where you aim them; a fairly accurate club on good swings, playable on bad ones.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Most guys find that shots hold their distances well on misses; predictable yardages, pretty much what you’d expect; short-iron shots produce their share of birdie putts.
FEEL: Plenty of information is transmitted to your hands; very soft, pleasing sensation on shots around the greens; the sweet spot is rewarding on full swings.
LOOK: The clean lines and minimal offset are what you want at address; dark finish looks classy and frames the ball quite well.

Not a standout in terms of forgiveness; not quite the precise feel that a few guys have come to expect from a Mizuno forging; some testers experience more distance loss on misses than they’d prefer.

BOTTOM LINE: The JPX-EZ Forged is a balanced performer that rewards good swings and minimizes undue discomfort on lesser hits.

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