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ClubTest 2014: Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway Woods

Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway Woods
Courtesy Mizuno
Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway Woods

Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway Woods
Category: Game-Improvement Fairway Woods
Price: $200
3 (15°) and 5 (18°) with Fujikura Orochi Black Eye graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The large, 192 cc head and extra-deep face are designed with the tee box in mind. A thin, 1770-maraging steel face features Mizuno’s “Face Flex” design for increased trampoline effect.

Mostly straight, but allows some shot-shaping; pretty fair from fairway lies; easy, repeatable ball flight makes it a low-maintenance option off the tee.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Generous sweet spot offers plenty of help; consistent straight shooter with a tight dispersion pattern; limits slices.
DISTANCE: Adequate distance for players who benefit from a medium to high launch and don’t swing particularly fast.
FEEL: A welcome, soft whack through the ball—less metallic and springy than some models, but well received; stable, especially for slower swingers; easy to feel the head throughout the motion.
LOOK: Matte black head looks mean, while its deep face begs to be hit off a tee; white scoring lines and a visual aid on the crown serve their purpose.

The deep face doesn’t play great from the rough; a few stronger swingers find that shots launch too high with too much spin, which leads to distance loss; visually, the big head and flames on the shaft have their dissenters.

BOTTOM LINE: The beefy head and high-spin profile fit smooth swingers interested in a driver replacement, or mid-handicappers looking to find more fairways.

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