Monday, May 19, 2014

Adams (See index of all Adams Clubs)
2011: Adams Watson

Bobby Jones(See index of all Bobby Jones Clubs)
2011: Bobby Jones by Ortiz/Pelz
2010: Bobby Jones by Ortiz/Pelz

Bridgestone (See index of all Bridgestone Clubs)
2012: Bridgestone J40

Callaway (See index of all Callaway Clubs)
2012: Callaway Forged
2011: Callaway X Series JAWS CC
2010: Callaway X Series JAWS

Cleveland (See index of all Cleveland Clubs)
2013: Cleveland 588 RTX
2013: Cleveland 588 RTX CB
2012: Cleveland Forged 588
2012: Cleveland 588 Forged RTG
2012: Cleveland 588 RTX CB
2011: Cleveland CG16
2010: Cleveland CG15

Cobra (See index of all Cobra Clubs)
2012: Cobra Trusty Rusty

Mizuno (See index of all Mizuno Clubs)
2013: Mizuno MP-T4
2012: Mizuno MP R-12
2012: Mizuno MP-T4
2011: Mizuno MP T-11
2010: Mizuno MP T-10

Nike (See index of all Nike Clubs)
2013: Nike VR Forged Wedges
2012: Nike VR Pro Forged DS Wedge
2011: Nike VR Pro Wedges
2010: Nike Victory Red Forged Wedges

Ping (See index of all Ping Clubs)
2013: Ping Tour Wedges
2012: Ping Anser Wedges
2011: Ping Tour-S Rustique Wedges
2010: Ping Tour-W TS Wedges

Renegar (See index of all Renegar Clubs)
2013: Renegar Rx12 Wedges

Scor (See index of all Srixon Clubs)
2013: Scor Scor4161 Wedges

TaylorMade (See index of all TaylorMade Clubs)
2013: TaylorMade ATV Wedges
2011: TaylorMade TP Wedges with xFT
2010: TaylorMade TP Wedges with xFT

Titleist (See index of all Titleist Clubs)
2013: Titleist Vokey Design SM4 Wedges
2011: Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled C-C Wedges
2010: Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled Wedges

Wilson (See index of all Wilson Clubs)
2013: Wilson Staff FG Tour TC Wedges
2011: Wilson Staff FG Tour Wedges
2010: Wilson Tw9 Tour Milled Wedge


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