SeeMore Big FGP Putter
Schecter Lee
Tuesday, May 07, 2013

SeeMore Big FGP Putter
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $150
33", 34", 35", 36" shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The cast stainless steel, 360-gram head has a milled face and a 45-degree toe hang. SeeMore's signature "RifleScope" alignment aid guides you to square the face at address.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Nimble, lightweight head makes lag putts easy to manage; steady, center-shaft design does a good job covering misses and getting the ball to the hole; easy to use, especially on short putts.
FEEL: Crisp "click" on center impact, with harsher feedback on heel or toe strikes; handsy testers like the oversize grip with the center shaft; lighter than most expect.
LOOK: Vast majority of testers believe in the distinct alignment system -- hide the dot and short putts are a breeze; dark nickel finish cuts glare and frames the ball; angular shape has some fans.

Requires a straight-back-straight-through stroke to work best -- steer clear if you have an in-to-in stroke or if you forward press; lighter head than a few testers prefer; some become so focused on the red dot that they forget to make a committed stroke.

BOTTOM LINE: An easy-to-use, forgiving model that's lights-out on short putts. It's good for square-to-square strokes.



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