Ping Scottsdale TR Shea Putter
Schecter Lee
Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ping Scottsdale TR Shea Putter
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $150
34", 35" and adjustable shaft lengths between 31" and 38"
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Built for "Slight Arc"–style strokes, with a telescopic shaft that can move between 31" and 38". Variable-depth grooves are designed to produce consistent ball speeds and roll.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Smooth, immediate roll off the face makes long putts simple to judge; lag putts get consistent distances across much of the face.
FEEL: Very responsive impact sensation -- the ball leaves the aluminum face with purpose; relatively heavy head for its size, with a softer sweet spot than many testers expect.
LOOK: To some, the traditional "half-moon" shape appears to be a meaty blade at address; white alignment line jumps off the matte black finish; a simple, elegant putter.

A few testers find it to be less forgiving than they'd prefer; some guys with straight-back-straight-through strokes can struggle with it.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the higher-ranked clubs in its category. The Shea is a small, stylish mallet that's best suited for a good putter who's searching for something more forgiving than the average blade.

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