Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line Putter
Schecter Lee
Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line Putter
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $130
34”, 35” shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Three bright white lines set against the gray head offer a strong visual aid. The new White Hot face insert is marginally firmer than the original.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Forgiving head provides consistent, innate distances on all sorts of putts; mis-hits still end up around the hole.
FEEL: Very smooth, soft putter; glides through the ball with little more than a whisper; clubhead stays stable for a range of stroke types.
LOOK: Wide, three-line alignment aid takes the guesswork out of aiming; most testers find the large, semicircular gray head comforting at address; similar in size to many high-MOI offerings.

Some testers say the impact feel and sound can be too soft and muted, which leads to a bit of a learning curve on long putts; to a few testers, the head looks too big over the ball.

BOTTOM LINE: A large mallet worth a look for players who prefer a soft face and want some help lining up.

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