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ClubTest 2013: Wedges

ClubTest 2013: Wedges

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ClubTest 2013: Fourteen RM-12 Wedges

Fourteen RM-12 Wedges
Fourteen RM-12 Wedges

Fourteen RM-12 Wedges
Category: Wedges
Price: $185
56°/8°, 56°/12° with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: More bounce in the heel provides consistency with open-face shots. A "reverse muscle design" positions more mass high in the blade, which raises the CG for a lower flight and added spin.

PLAYABILITY: All-star versatility around the greens; the club slices through all kinds of turf and works magic from the sand; simply makes hard shots feel routine.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Very repeatable; easy to control spin and gauge roll; a touch short on full swings, but precise.
FEEL: A standout -- one of the softest wedges tested; impact is as smooth as any club; easy to identify mis-hits; clubhead is on the lighter side, but well-balanced.
LOOK: Most testers praise its high-end, friendly appearance; larger hitting surface than many others -- it just looks playable.

Some testers prefer a smaller look at address; better on touch shots than full ones -- doesn't carry like some other models from long range; it features a very thin grip, which a few testers would change out.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the highest-rated wedges in the test. A nimble, buttery club for anyone looking to get more creative with his or her short game.

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