ClubTest 2013: Bettinardi Signature Series Model 5 Putter

Bettinardi Signature Series Model 5 Putter

Bettinardi Signature Series Model 5 Putter
Category: Blade Putters
Price: $495
34", 35" shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The head is made from a proprietary blend of "double-aged" stainless steel for optimal feedback. It has a milled honeycomb face pattern to enhance feel, a reverse taper flow neck and a handsome finish.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Solid strikes provide predictable results -- you get what you deserve; distance loss on heel and toe hits isn’t overly costly; once you get used to the balance, you can dial it in from long range.
FEEL: Not overly soft or firm at impact, but just right; the leather grip provides even more feedback to the fingertips; center hits elicit a perfect "click."
LOOK: Simple, clean look at address makes this putter easy to align; high-end touches, including a leather grip, add class and appear expensive.

Not everyone finds enough forgiveness in this limited-offset blade design; the face milling is a bit too flashy for some testers; sticker shock is a real concern.

BOTTOM LINE: A beautiful design that provides outstanding feel, a tight roll and a solid dose of consistency.

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