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Schecter Lee
TaylorMade Lethal; TaylorMade RBZ Urethane; TaylorMade SuperDeep; Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x; Volvik Vista iV; Wilson Staff Duo

TaylorMade Lethal, $46
Players who want premium Tour performance and a penetrating ball flight.
SKINNY: It's a 5-piece ball for a range of swing types. An improved dimple design helps prevent ballooning and promote straighter shots in windy conditions. It provides plenty of spin control and has a more boring trajectory than any other TaylorMade Tour model.

TaylorMade RBZ Urethane, $30
Aspiring players who seek more spin on short shots without sacrificing length with long clubs.
SKINNY: A soft core and firm mantle promote faster ball speeds and less spin off the long clubs. The 3-piece ball has a soft urethane cover for more spin and feel on short shots. The RBZ Urethane performs similarly to last year's Penta TP3, with a distance boost.

TaylorMade SuperDeep, $20
Players who want maximum distance from each club in the bag.
SKINNY: A "fast" core and cover are built to max out speed and distance. The ball's low-drag dimple pattern enhances carry distance while improving performance on slight mis-hits with the driver. It's the company's softest-feeling 2-piece ball thanks, in part, to the soft core. Comes in white or yellow.

TaylorMade's 2013 Lineup
NEW LETHAL, $46/dozen


NEW SUPERDEEP, $20 BURNER, $15: Maximum distance and durability at a value price. White or yellow.

Titleist Pro V1, $48
Players who want longer distance and a softer feel than in the Pro V1 [2011], plus max short-game spin.
SKINNY: New core technology creates the softest-feeling Pro V1 yet. It spins less off the driver and long irons than Pro V1 [2011] and flies on a lower trajectory with a shallower descent angle. A new urethane cover formulation and paint system add durability. The dimple design is the same as the Pro V1 [2011].

Titleist Pro V1x, $48
Players who want a lower ball flight and more length than they get with the Pro V1× [2011], as well as less driver spin and a slightly firmer feel than the Pro V1.
SKINNY: A new, more consistent dual core keeps driver spin low while increasing spin off the irons. The ball flies slightly higher than the new Pro V1. An improved cover and paint system [same as the Pro V1] improves durability and cover "whiteness."

Titleist 2013 Lineup
NEW PRO V1, $48/dozen

NEW PRO V1X, $48

NXT TOUR, $32: 3-piece ball for aspirational, competitive golfers who seek Tour-like short-game control, added length and a stable ball flight.

NXT TOUR S, $32: 2-piece model with a softer feel, lower launch and shallower descent angle than NXT Tour.

VELOCITY, $27: Delivers maximum ball speeds, and distance, through the bag.

DT SOLO, $20: High-launching ball touted as the softest-feeling Titleist DT ever. White or yellow.

Volvik Vista iV, $48
Those who want Tour performance with lower spin.
SKINNY: The core is softer toward the outside and firmer toward the inside to create lots of spin separation between drives [low spin] and iron shots [high spin]. The 4-piece ball has a soft, ceramicbased cover for feel and durability on shots around the green. Comes in pink, orange, green or yellow.

Volvik's 2013 Lineup
NEW VISTA IV, $48/dozen

PROBISMUTH, $33: 3-piece Tour-type model for faster swingers.

CRYSTAL, $33: 3-piece ball with soft feel and low compression to maximize distance for moderate swing speeds.

LADY 350, $32: 3-piece ball with a low compression and light weight to optimize performance for slower swing speeds.

Wilson Staff Duo Yellow, $20
Those who want length and a soft feel at an "entry-level" price point.
SKINNY: This 2-piece ball has a low compression core [40] to deliver feel and maximum distance. The ball is designed to generate low spin off the driver, while progressively higher spin rates off the shorter clubs make it a playable option in the scoring zone. Comes in white or yellow.

Wilson's 2013 Lineup
STAFF FG TOUR, $40/dozen:
3-piece ball with a soft feel and thin urethane cover. White or yellow.

STAFF FG TOUR X, $40: 3-piece ball offers lower driver spin than the FG Tour for faster swingers.

STAFF C:25, $22: 3-piece ball provides a soft feel and low spin off the driver for maximum distance.

NEW STAFF DUO, $20: Yellow color is new for 2013.

STAFF FIFTY ELITE, $13: 2-piece distance ball built to be long and soft. White, yellow or orange.


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