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Spheres of Influence: Find the right ball to help you fire lower scores

Nike Golf Balls, Srixon Golf Balls
Schecter Lee
Nike 20XI; Nike 20XI X; Nike ONE RZN; Nike ONE RZN X; Srixon Q-Star

Nike 20XI, $46
Better players who benefit from a high-spin ball.
SKINNY: Top-of-the-line Tour model. It spins more than the 20XI X. The larger, softer resin [RZN] core contributes to a softer feel and a lower-pitched sound than last year's 20XI-S [while maintaining ball speeds off the driver]. A resin mantle [replaces urethane] reduces spin on iron shots by 300 to 400 rpm.

Nike 20XI X, $46
Better players who need a lower-spinning ball than the 20XI.
SKINNY: A slightly harder cover than in the 20XI delivers a firmer feel and less spin on scoring shots. The light resin [RZN] core and heavier outer layers create "perimeter weighting" for inflight stability. The core, and distribution of mass, combine for faster ball speeds [up to 3 mph more] than the old 20XI X.

Nike ONE RZN, $30
Aspiring players who seek a soft feel and added long-game distance but won't pay for a Tour ball.
SKINNY: The 3-piece ball features the same large RZN core that's in the 20XI, with minor alterations. The ball's rubber mantle reduces spin so players should hit straighter shots on a more consistent basis. The One RZN launches higher than 20XI with lower spin.

Nike ONE RZN X $30
All skill levels who want balanced performance with a slightly firmer feel.
SKINNY: The new larger, soft RZN core is tweaked a bit from the 20XI X. This 3-piece ball has a rubber mantle layer [20XI X has a resin mantle] and a Surlyn cover. A wide variety of players looking for max distance and a more penetrating trajectory would do well to check out the ONE RZN X.

Nike's 2013 Lineup
NEW 20XI, $46/dozen

NEW 20XI X, $46



VAPOR BLACK, $25: 3-piece ball for players with 85-100 mph swing speeds.

POWER DISTANCE LONG, $16: 2-piece distance ball for faster swing speeds.

POWER DISTANCE SOFT, $16: 2-piece distance ball for players with moderate swing speeds.

POWER DISTANCE WOMEN, $16: 2-piece ball provides higher launch and more carry.

Srixon Q-Star, $25
Average players with swing speeds greater than 80 mph who seek a straighter ball flight.
SKINNY: This redesigned ball offers well-rounded performance for golfers looking for more distance and a straighter flight. The "Spin Skin" cover is engineered to generate added greenside spin and control without increasing backspin off the driver. Comes in white or yellow.

Srixon'S 2013 Lineup
Z-STAR*, $30/dozen:
Premium Tour ball with a softer feel and added spin. White or yellow.

Z-STAR XV*, $30: 4-piece Tour ball with slightly lower spin for swing speeds greater than 100 mph. White or yellow.

Z-STAR SL*, $30: Tour ball with a soft feel for swing speeds below 95 mph. White or yellow.

NEW Q-STAR, $25: New Z-Star models are expected this fall; $45/dozen.

SOFT FEEL, $20: High launch off the driver and soft feel for moderate swing speeds.

SOFT FEEL LADY, $20: Enhanced distance and soft feel for swing speeds below 70 mph.

JR STAR, $17: Eight balls, 8 tees and a ball marker. The ball is 10 percent lighter than the standard Z-Star.

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