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Spheres of Influence: Find the right ball to help you fire lower scores

Bridgestone Golf Balls, Callaway Golf Balls
Schecter Lee
Bridgestone e5; Bridgestone e6; Bridgestone e7; Callaway HEX Chrome+; Callaway HEX Hot Pro; Callaway HEX Hot

Bridgestone e5, $27
Players who want more length, a higher flight and reliable short-game performance.
SKINNY: The large core -- softer on the inside; firmer on the outside -- contributes to a higher trajectory and max distance. The 2-piece ball has "dual dimples" that reduce drag, promote a higher launch and a shallower landing angle for more roll. A soft urethane cover should help short-game control.

Bridgestone e6, $27
Aspiring players who seek lower-spinning, straight shots.
SKINNY: The mantle layer in this 3-piece ball helps reduce spin and, thus, hooks or slices. The soft core and Surlyn cover [softer than in last year's e6] sweeten feel on scoring shots. Proprietary "dual dimples" increase lift and limit air friction for longer overall distance. The e6 comes in white, yellow, orange or pink.

Bridgestone e7, $27
All skill levels who put a premium on distance throughout the bag.
SKINNY: This multilayer model is engineered to maximize distance with the driver through the wedge. A core that's "built for speed" and a firm Surlyn cover create faster rebound. The mantle layer decreases spin to further enhance distance, particularly with the driver. The "dual dimples" contribute to higher launch angles.

Bridgestone's 2013 Lineup
TOUR B330, $45/dozen:
Tour performance and length for driver swing speeds greater than 105 mph.

TOUR B330-S, $45: Tour performance with more spin for swing speeds greater than 105 mph.

TOUR B330-RX, $45: Max distance, and Tour-like control, for driver swing speeds below 105 mph.

TOUR B330-RXS, $45: Slightly more spin than RX and Tour performance for swing speeds below 105 mph.

NEW E5, $27

NEW E6, $27

NEW E7, $27

XFIXX, $20: For recreational players who want less sidespin and a value price.

Callaway HEX Chrome+, $36

IT'S FOR: Players who seek a combination of Tour performance with maximum length.
SKINNY: The 4-piece model generates fast ball speeds for players with mid to high swing speeds. The dual mantle increases speed [and minimizes spin], while a urethane cover provides Tour-like handling around greens. An updated dimple pattern with "HEX" aerodynamics reduces drag for a boring, stable flight in windy conditions.

Callaway HEX Hot Pro, $27
Players who desire a lot of distance plus added short-game spin and control.
SKINNY: A 3-piece ball that replaces the HX Diablo Tour. The soft Surlyn [ionomer] cover contributes to enhanced control around the greens. The mantle layer helps to increase ball speeds and reduce backspin. The dimple pattern creates higher lift for longer carry distance. Think Tour-like ball at a lower price and you've got the idea.

Callaway HEX Hot Pro, $27
Players who want maximum, straight distance.
SKINNY: It delivers faster ball speeds, more length and less spin than HEX Hot Pro. The 3-piece construction includes a mantle layer and cover that minimize spin. Hexagonal-shaped dimples create more surface coverage to improve lift at lower swing speeds and to boost in-flight stability. The HEX Hot comes in white or yellow.

Callaway's 2013 Lineup
HEX BLACK TOUR, $46/dozen:
5-piece ball delivers maximum spin on scoring shots.

HEX CHROME, $36: 3-piece ball with Tour-like short-game spin for swing speeds below 95 mph.




HEX DIABLO, $20: Low-compression, 2-piece ball generates soft feel and maximum distance.

HEX SOLAIRE, $20: Designed to optimize performance for women.

HEX WARBIRD, $17: Maximum distance and a soft feel at a value price.

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