Get Fit: Callaway Irons


Callaway X-18 Pro Series
3-AW, steel shaft, stiff flex, standard length and lie; $880 (steel), $1,120 (graphite);


Michael Kazim
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Age: 47
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Handicap: 19
Occupation: Physician

Old Irons:
Cavity-back game-improvement, Game-enhancing cavity-back, 3-PW, steel shaft, medium-stiff flex, standard length and lie.

James Jond, PGA pro and co-manager, The World of Golf, New York, N.Y.
"Michael's old irons are long, but they lack adequate forgiveness. The Callaway X-18 Pro suits him much better. It's more forgiving than X-Tour and more player-friendly than Big Bertha. But settling on the correct lie angle was more difficult. An inconsistent grip led to inconsistent lie angle readings plus dispersion problems. The increased forgiveness of the X-18 Pro helps dramatically, even without changing lie angle. But he must work toward a more consistent grip for optimum accuracy."

6 iron Before After
Clubhead Speed 82.9 MPH 83.6 MPH
Ball Speed 113.6 MPH 114 MPH
Launch Angle 17.3º 17.1º
Backspin 4,366 RPM 4,364 RPM
Apex 71 FT 61 FT
Dispersion 11.9 YDS 6.1 YDS
Carry 175.3 Yards 184.2 Yards

Know your limits:
Problems with dispersion could be due more to an inconsistent grip than to your clubs. Learn to repeat your grip every time.


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