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ClubTest 2014: Wedges

ClubTest 2014: Wedges

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ClubTest 2014: Fourteen DJ-11 Wedges

Fourteen DJ-11 Wedges
Fourteen DJ-11 Wedges

Fourteen DJ-11 Wedges
Category: Wedges
Price: $185
56°/10° with Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH HT steel shaft and 60°/9° with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A wide sole leads to more consistent turf interaction, while “reverse taper” weighting (more mass higher in the blade) raises the CG.

The wide sole blasts through rough and sand; it’s adequate for the full gamut of shots, including flops; a handful of guys say it’s easy to alter trajectory; sole design allows you to keep the clubface square and still loft the ball around the green.
DISTANCE CONTROL: No big jumpers or unpredictable outcomes; consistent from the fairway; easy to judge greenside and on sand shots; our testers typically get reliable results from trouble areas.
FEEL: Consistently solid sensation across the face; as stable as most wedges at impact; nice and soft without any jarring or unwanted vibrations in the hands; a number of guys find the forged feel to be more pleasing than some better-known brands.
LOOK: Large, round clubhead and a touch of offset inspire confidence at address; a smallish cavity gives it a bit of a game-improvement look, which is a good thing for guys who struggle with their wedge play; the DJ-11 looks expensive with its tasteful, high-quality satin finish.

Not as much stopping power around greens as some others; the DJ-11 doesn’t stand out from the pack in any specific area of performance; the meaty sole doesn’t appeal to everyone.

BOTTOM LINE: A wide-sole model with game-improvement attributes and a soft, forged feel.

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