Friday, February 16, 2007

Experienced players know that the right ball can not only maximize your shots off the tee, but also help you control those delicate pitches and chips around the green too. But finding the ideal orb to match your game can be tricky. Learn more about five options that are worth a try.

TaylorMade Tour Pro Red
TaylorMade re-enters the ball market after a three-year absence. Both TP Red and TP Black have urethane covers and soft, lively, lowcompression cores for the sought-after combination of faster ball speed and lower spin. The Red has the thinner mantle layer, which translates to softer feel.
TaylorMade Tour Pro Black

TP Black has a smaller core and a thicker mantle than TP Red. The effect is a firmer feel, plus a higher launch angle and ball flight.
Callaway HX Tour 56
The updated HX Tour 56 boasts a more durable cover than its predecessor. A thicker, softer cover delivers more spin and feel on scoring shots than HX Tour.
Callaway HX Tour
A thinner, more durable urethane cover than the previous HX Tour produces softer feel off your irons (but a harder impact feel than HX Tour 56). The larger core and boundary layer deliver longer carry.
Nike Ignite
This ball serves two masters: singlecore/double-cover construction produces adequate feel and control for those who can shape shots. Those who shape them but don't want to (slicer alert!) will get extra distance and reduced sidespin.

Round Abouts
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