PXG Brandon putter comes in both black and silver models, as do all of PXG's new putters.
Courtesy of PXG
By Michael Chwasky
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PXG's new milled putters feature a thermoplastic (TPE) elastomer core technology along with a milled stainless steel face for a rock solid feel at impact.

The body of each model is milled from a combination of stainless steel and aluminum and features PXG's signature titanium and tungsten weighting elements, which can be altered to fit individual needs. The weighting elements can also function as an alignment aid in some models as they stand out in both the chrome and black finishes.

The Brandon is a modern blade design with a full-shaft offset that can fit a number of stroke types (like that of Billy Horschel, who's been gaming the Brandon) but there are ten other models in the new PXG line that run the gamut of styles from compact blades to high-MOI mallets. The other models are:

Dagger: A classic blade with no offset and straight toe-down hang angle.

PXG Dagger Putters
Courtesy of PXG

Dagger C: Center shafted version of the Dagger with zero offset and face balancing.

Brandon S: Face balanced version of the Brandon.

Brandon H: Heel shafted version of the Brandon.

Mustang: High MOI blade-style design with extreme heel-toe weighting.

PXG Mustang Putters
Courtesy of PXG

Mustang S: Face balanced version of the Mustang.

Mustang C: Center-shafted version of the Mustang with zero offset.

Gunboat: Extreme high MOI mallet that works well with counterbalanced grip.

PXG Gunboat Putters
Courtesy of PXG

Drone: High MOI mallet-style model with full shaft offset.

PXG Drone Putters
Courtesy of PXG

Drone C: Center shafted version of the Drone with zero offset.

PXG's new milled putters are available for order now.

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