Thursday, October 16, 2014
Tour360X Family
Courtesy of Adidas
The tour360x is available in a variety of colors.

The next generation of the tour360 line, called tour360x ($140), is designed to provide increased stability and comfort with a tour-quality looks. Features include a microfiber leather upper and new nine-cleat TPU outsole that increases surface area contact while also being kind to greens due to low-profile cleats. For added comfort, designers added extremely soft foam throughout the midsole of the shoe.

The tour360x is also available with Boa Technology’s Closure System that allows for precise custom fitting. A dial in the center of the tongue can be quickly and easily adjusted to individual taste assuring no slippage during the golf swing. The tour360x Boa ($160) is the first Adidas product in the US to feature Boa Technology.

Both models will be available on November 1 in three color options. Three additional color options will be available on February 1, 2015.

Courtesy of Adidas
tour360x Hero model

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