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Photo: Angus Murray



(See index of all Adams Clubs)

2013: Adams Speedline Tech
2012: Adams Speedline Fast 12 LS
2012: Adams Speedline Fast 12
2012: Adams Speedline 9088UL
2012: Adams Speedline Tech
2011: Adams Speedline 9064LS with DFS
2011: Adams Speedline F11
2011: Adams Speedline 4G Ultra-Lite
2010: Adams Speedline 9032LS
2010: Adams Speedline Fast 10

Bobby Jones
(See index of all Bobby Jones Clubs)

2013: Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz
2012: Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz
2011: Bobby Jones Workshop SuperLite Driver

(See index of all Bridgestone Clubs)

2012: Bridgestone J40 430
2010: Bridgestone J38 460

(See index of all Callaway Clubs)

2013: Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme
2013: Callaway X Hot
2012: Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme
2012: Callaway RAZR Fit
2012: Callaway RAZR X Black
2011: Callaway RAZR Hawk
2011: Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour
2011: Callaway Diablo Octane
2010: Callaway Diablo Edge Tour
2010: Callaway FT-iZ
2010: Callaway Diablo Edge

(See index of all Cleveland Clubs)

2013: Cleveland Classic XL
2013: Cleveland CG Black 265
2012: Cleveland CG Black Tour
2012: Cleveland Classic
2012: Cleveland CG Black
2011: Cleveland Launcher Ultralite XL 270
2011: Cleveland Launcher Ultralite SL290
2011: Cleveland Launcher Ultralite TL 310
2010: Cleveland Launcher DST
2010: Cleveland Launcher DST Draw
2010: Cleveland Launcher DST Tour

(See index of all Cobra Clubs)

2013: Cobra AMP Cell Pro
2013: Cobra AMP Cell
2013: Cobra AMP Cell Offset
2012: Cobra AMP Cell
2012: Cobra AMP Cell Pro
2012: Cobra AMP Cell Offset
2012: Cobra AMP
2012: Cobra AMP Offset
2011: Cobra S3
2011: Cobra S3 Max Offset
2010: Cobra S2
2010: Cobra S2 Offset
2010: Cobra ZL

(See index of all Mizuno Clubs)

2013: Mizuno JPX-825
2012: Mizuno MP-650
2012: Mizuno JPX-825
2011: Mizuno JPX-800
2010: Mizuno MP-630
2010: Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track

(See index of all Nike Clubs)

2013: VR_S Covert Tour
2013: Nike VR_S Covert
2012: Nike VR Pro Limited Edition
2012: Nike VR_S
2011: Nike SQ MachSpeed Black (Round)
2011: Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Driver (Square)
2010: Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour
2010: Nike SQ Machspeed STR8-Fit

(See index of all Ping Clubs)

2013: Ping Anser
2013: Ping G25
2012: Ping i20
2012: Ping G20
2011: Ping i15
2011: Ping G15
2011: G15 Draw
2011: Ping K15

(See index of all Srixon Clubs)

2011: Srixon Z-Star
2010: Srixon Z-TX

(See index of all TaylorMade Clubs)

2013: TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2
2012: Taylormade RocketBallz Tour
2012: TaylorMade RocketBallz
2012: TaylorMade R11S
2011: TaylorMade R11
2011: TaylorMade R11 TP
2011: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0
2010: TaylorMade R9
2010: TaylorMade R9 TP Driver
2010: TaylorMade R9 SuperTri
2010: Taylormade R9 SuperTri TP
2010: TaylorMade R9 460
2010: TaylorMade R9 460 TP
2010: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast

(See index of all Titleist Clubs)

2013: Titleist 913D2
2013: Titleist 913D3
2011: Titleist 910D2
2011: Titleist 910D3
2010: Titleist 909D2
2010: Titleist 909D3
2010: Titleist DComp

Tour Edge
(See index of all Tour Edge Clubs)

2013: Tour Edge Exotics XCG6
2012: Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max-D
2012: Tour Edge Exotics XCG5
2011: Tour Edge Exotics XCG-4
2010: Tour Edge Exotics XCG-3
2010: Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max

(See index of all Wilson Clubs)

2013: Wilson Staff D-100
2012: Wilson Staff DXi Superlight
2011: Wilson Staff DXi
2010: Wilson Smooth


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